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Click to enlargeBeautiful Harness Sets

Beautiful new dog harness sets at below wholesale..They come in three sizes: small, medium and large. They all have removable boa trim for easy washing, and come with matching hats, with flowers on each. There are three colors: white with pink trim, pink with pink trim, and black with black trim. The pink and white have beautiful stones placed perfectly on the harness. I am selling them for a fraction of what they are worth because the factory glued the snaps on one side of the removable boa trim. Both sides were supposed to be sewn. I just don't have the time to fix them according to my specs, and I am overstocked. So just be careful taking the trim off, or just put a stitch to better secure snaps. I am selling these items very cheap just to recoup some of my money. This price is for three sets, one set of each size. Choose from Pink, White or Black. They are excellent quality. They run small. Approx. sizes:

8" - 10" LENGTH 11" - 13" WIDTH

10" - 12" LENGTH 14" - !5" WIDTH

12" - 14" LENGTH 16" - 18" WIDTH

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